Shiro Masuyama

Shiro Masuyama, CAUTION, Covering Japanese Products with Concrete GT Gallery.

Shiro Masuyama studied architecture at Meiji University, Kawasaki, Japan where he became interested in the intersection of architecture and art and carried out a project called Tama River Project for which he placed compartments for couples to sit at regular intervals along the bank of the Tama River.

After this project, Shiro became more interested in involving people in his work; placing his works in the middle of the city and reading the context of the site using architectural techniques. He uses motifs such as money, sex, office workers mass media and cigarettes and places an emphasis on making functional, architectural works that are approachable and easy to interact with. Shiro’s work has been described as ‘interventionist’ and ‘interactive’ and aims to draw the attention of people who have no connection to the world of art. He describes his work as four-dimensional and only complete when those who view it become involved.

Over the last 10 years Shiro has participated in a diverse range of artists' residencies worldwide and become driven by a fascination and desire to develop art works in relation to how he can survive, communicate and make art outside Japan. He applies Japanese aesthetic senses such as simplicity to his findings.

Having recently settled in Belfast, he has become increasingly exposed to Irish culture and society day by day and his practice has become that of a stranger to a new land and a foreigner far away from Japan. As a result, his work has become more performative in its responses as he attempts to understand his physical living environment.

Below is documentation of time-based performances and installation works created by Shiro Masuyama as part of CAUTION.

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