LADA Study Room Residency: Day Two




I Looked at the ‘out of size’ section..found...Philip Warnell & Ric  

Allsopp’s small books (x2) and when you flip the book pages really action appears. 1 man and 1 woman stand beside each other  

from the torso up clothed, flip the book and they both move into an  

action that displays a reaction to shock through the images.


I cannot get my head around the order of things so as usual at least I  

am in the right place and no matter what I put my hand too it what I  

am interested in. To my suprise on all occassions of guessing what to  

select next it happens to be all books related to performance art and  



‘Disability art comes from our very soul, it cannot be bought but it  

can be supported. When disabled people are accepted in society, only  

ten will the dam burst as our rivers flows into the mainstream’ –  

Johnny Crescendo


1:56pm – I found Bobby Baker’s ‘Diary Drawings ‘Mental illness and me’


Man comes into the study room..back forward feet, shuffle, back  

forward feet sigh back forward ...he’s impatiently looking for a  

dvd..he must know were it is he doesn’t use the computer data base.. I  

leave before he finds what he is looking for.


Eat uncomfortably in an indian place.


Buy new leather winter boots.


I forgot my camera.


Korea = NJP Art Center – Nam June Paik Festival


Sent out an email for advice on new book or donated books for the  

study room. Moe Satt is sending ‘Beyond Pressure’ Performance art  

festival, Burma, catalogue x 3. Vasan Sitthikitt is looking for Bueys  

on video...


Dear Mrs. Buey’s can we have Joe’s Video’s and Vasan promises to suck  

your toes!


Library of Peforming Rights – found ‘AsiaTopia’


Live Art Development Agency
Rochelle School Arnold Circus
London E2 7ES
United Kingdom
51° 31' 32.556" N, 0° 4' 28.5312" W
Wed 12 Oct 2011

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