Sinéad to be Artist in Residence at The Black Kit Performance Art Archive

Monday, 5 March, 2012
Cologne, Germany 5th - 15th March
Image: The Black Kit logo

In March 2012 Sinéad will work alongside Boris Neislony as Artist in Residence at The Black Kit - The Performance Art Archive. 


Boris is the CAUTION project's International Mentor.


"In the year 1981 approximately 70 artists from the BRD and Europe had a meeting, following a network invitation by Boris Nieslony, Carola Riess and the Künatlerhaus Stuttgart (Uli Bernhardm H. v. Wedel). This...was named with the working title Das Konzil (The Council). Characterizing...this project was the constitutional development in the fields of interactive art and communication. The variety of artistic and social postitions were defined and addressed, alike scientific researches traced and layered out and their impacts on performance-art, art-installations, painting, video-art etcetera. All involved parties agreed, consciously not to publish any catalogue/s or any other art-related publication for the documentation of the congress. ...the idea originated, to create a transportable container, a kit, to be taken along from event to event, from congress to congress. A constantly growing, communicative container, manifesting and opening up all inter-disciplinary and inter-active discourses: a battery. The idea originated and the archetype of The Black Kit representing as a thought-generator, a transformator, an archive as a sculpture of the public interest..." [sic]

Die Schwarze Lade / The Black Kit

Das Archiv für Performance, Performance Art, Performing Arts, Aktions- und Intermedia Kunst / The Archive for Performance, Performance Art, Performing Arts, Actions and Intermedia Arts

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