Art of the lived experiment

Saturday, 8 November, 2014
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool. Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, the Bluecoat showcases talent across visual art, music, dance, live art and literature.
Sinéad & Hugh O'Donnell, School 1983, Scoil Maelruin, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.

Sinéad & Hugh O'Donnell will present a newly commissioned performance to film curated by Dr. Aaron Williamson. The work will be presented as part of the DaDafest and exhibted at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK.

8th November 2014 – 3rd January 2015.

Sinéad and Hugh O’Donnell are artists and siblings both living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The O’Donnell’s collaborative work together is titled ‘Gravity’ it explores their relationship as brother and sister and runs alongside their independent performance art practices. ‘Gravity’ has taken form in live performance, video, writing, workshop and drawing.  

Works have been presented at Queens Street Studio, Belfast (2002), Dartington College of Arts, UK (2003), I.M.A.F, Serbia (2004), TRACE Installaction artspace, Wales (2005), 411 Gallery, Beijing, (2006), Trois Riviere, Artists in Residence, Canada, (2007), Gallery Animal, Chile, (2008), FADO, Canada, (2010), Mermaid Art Centre, Ireland (2011), Fire Station artist studio’s, Dublin, (2012), Vertigo, Waterloo centre for the Arts, Iowa, U.S.A, (2013).

‘’She and him have been doing this for years now. Since 1978. She was on her own from 1975. Then he came. Gravity became more obvious. More obvious to her the female. More obvious to him the male. The brother, the sister, inside our mother, Gravity, a term that defines, F=G M1M2, inside our mother R2 collaboration. It was so close in front of us we nearly didn't do it. Gravity actions re-established our relationship. Now we will do it again. Anticipation of aftermaths. Aftertrace, inside our mother’’ Sinéad and Hugh O’Donnell.



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