Monday, 5 November, 2012
Thailand - Nan province, Bangkok and Korat.
Asiatopia, Performance art festival, Thailand, 2012.



Asiatopia performance art festival founded in Bangkok in 1998, by a Thai performance artist Chumpon Apisuk Today the festival has become one of the most important performance platform in Asia, and in the international community of performance art.


ASIATOPIA - Description

Asiatopia performance art festival founded in Bangkok in 1998, by a Thai performance artist Chumpon Apisuk and his colleagues such as Vasan Sitthiket, Paisan Plienbangchang, Surapol Panyavachira, etc… Today the festival has become one of the most important performance platform in Asia, and in the international community of performance art.


Asiatopia is the combination of the words “ASIA” and “TOPIA” .In Greek “topos” means ‘place’ therefore meaning of the word ‘Asiatopia’ conveys the attempt to create a place for asia among the stream of globalization as local people try to create and present their own identities. It is the desire of locals to have both ‘Asia’s place’ and ‘a place for asia’. It is something ideal and desired ; therefore,asiatopia can be considered a ‘Utopia’ as well.The meaning of the Greek word ‘ou topos’ means ‘no place’ and froms a new meaning of ‘ the wonderful’ virtuous, idealistic place’ because of the glorious Latin novel written by Sir Thomas More in 16th century.This story about an imaginary island called ‘UTOPIA’ refers to a state of virtue and decency and the word ‘Utopia’ has beem linked to that novel ever since.As ‘Utopia’ is an idealistic place. It does not exist in reality (ou topos/no place) ,but is still a desirable place worth searching for. The meaning od ‘Asiatopia’ can be related to both ‘topos’ and ‘ou topos’ of or for ‘Asia’. At the same time it can be considered both as a goal and a hope. Its goal is to create a place of and for Asia which is the hope for an idealistic state, reflected in the words of Asiatopia founder Chumpon Apisuk himself –“What can we do so that all the Asian artists don’t have to go to Europe to see each other?”


In November 2008, nearly 100 world reknown artists from 32 countries took turn each weeks to celebrate 10thanniversary of ASIATOPIA international performance art festival. 


Though performance practice has become a popular form among younger generation in Europe and America, and many countries in Asia with over 100 festival held world wide each year, but in Thailand government agencies and private funders focus their support in traditional art form, rather than contemporary practices. However, in order to keep the creative form going in the local art community most of the time the artists use their own money, or have to work with limited budget.


Since the founding of Asiatopia a decade ago, many Thai performance artists actively engaged in the international performance art movement, and has been traveled world wide. Asiatopia, in turn has invited more than 300 international artists to perform for the Thai public audience.


Asiatopia has been organised each year since 1998, in Bangkok and/or in Chiang Mai. In 2008 and 2009, the festival took place in the recently opened Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). This year it will take place in the Art Centre, Chiang Mai University.


ASIATOPIA committee


Padungsak Khochasumrong Director

Nopawan Sirivejkul Manager

Paisan Plienbangchang Committee

Mongkol Plienbangchang Committee

Chakkrit Chimnok Committee

Jittima Pholsawake Committee




Chumpon Apisuk

Noi Apisuk

Vasan Sitthiket


For more information about Asiatopia :

and about Art Centre Chiang Mai University



International Performance Art





SE Asia artists exchange: Nan 5 – 11 Nov 2012

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre 14-18 Nov 2012

Korat city plaza 20-25 Nov 2012



Monika Gunther & Ruedi Schill (Switzerland)

Morgan O’Hara (U.S.A.)

Sinead O’Donnell (Ireland)

Yiorgos Zafiriou (Australia)

Lee Wen (Singapore)

Bui Cong Khanh (Vietnam)

Zoncy Phyu (Myanmar)

Rommel Espinosa (Philippines)

Rachel Saraswati (Indonesia)

Pornpilai & Jiradej Meemalai (Thailand)

Paisan Plienbangchang (Thailand)

Padungsak Kotchasumrong (Thailand)

Sompong Tawee (Thailand)

Mongkol Plienbangchang (Thailand)

Jittima Pholsawake (Thailand)

Boonsong Rodthab (Thailand)


Co-Organized by

Concrete House and Bangkok Art & Culture Centre


Program detail:

  1. 5-11 November 2012: Regional artists exchange, Nan province

      Artists/organizer from 6 countries in SE Asia region, meet for 5 days at

      Nan Artist’s Exchange Center (NAEC), Baan Namkrog Mai Village,

      Amphur Mueng Nan.

The meeting has two parts;

      Part 1: Exchange with Hug Nan Network and Nan Artists Network.

                   Hug Nan is a network of villagers, Monks, local intellectuals, wise persons, and community leaders. The network is re-inventing organic farming for villages in Nan river watershed area, to preserve the rich natural forest and protect the river. In order to reach their goal, they found that the old traditional ways of living and some rituals were important to continued or re-introduced to keep human and nature live in harmony. Nan people are proud of their music tune, weaving design and art style that pass on from generations to generations. We will have opportunity to meet face to face with great master of Longnan Tune, weaving master, cultural activists and local artists.


      Part 2:  For 2 days regional artists will have time together in the village setting, where they can share their inspiration and discussion among themselves. There will be time when villagers and neighbors will spend time together, exchanging their lives style and craft skills. We anticipate a rich exchange.


  1. 14-15-18 Nov 2012  Performance Workshops, Bangkok.

      Two performance workshops will be run by by Monika Gunther & Ruedi Schill and Morgan O’Hara. Participants will be art students from art schools in Bangkok and young artists (age between 19-23). All together there are 10-12 participants each workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to explore ‘what is performance art?’ and introduce participants to performance practice and skills. Each participans will have the opportunity to learn the process of creation and preparation for a simple short performance, culminating in a 5-10 minute performance try out.


  1. 16-18 Nov. at BACC, Asiatopia Festival Performances  and

      Discussion Forums:

3.1          Disabled Artists Festival, lecture by Sinead O’Donnell

3.2          Reflections from Nan experiences, discussion by Asian artists exchange in Nan prior to the festival in Bangkok.


  1. 21-23 Nov 2012, Performance Workshops

      Ratchamongkol Techonology Institute, Korat


  1. 24-25 Nov 2012, Performance day,

 afternoon – evening   Korat city plaza


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