Friktioner International Performance Art Festival 2014, Uppsala, Sweden

Wednesday, 14 May, 2014
Uppsala, Sweden
Water War. Celsiustorget. Friktioner 2012


14 - 17 May 2014


Friktioner (Friction) is a biennial International Performance Art Festival curated by SU-EN Butoh Company and co-organized by Uppsala Art Museum.

The theme of Friktioner 2014 is Art Activism, as Uppsala celebrates 200 years of peace in Sweden.
Invited artists and lecturers at Friktioner 2014 include:
Sakiko Yamaoka (Japan)
Sinead O´Donnell (Northern Ireland)
Tamar Raban (Israel)
Anka Fugazi Biernacka (Poland)
Natalie Anguezomo Emba Bikoro (Gabon)
Natasha Dahnberg (Uppsala, Sweden)
Anastasia Ax (Stockholm, Sweden)
Peter Rosvik (Finland)
Dominik Lipp (Switzerland)
Elena Kovylina (Russia)
Taus Machacheva (Russia)
Andrej Kuzkin (Russia)

Lectures by:
Oleg Kulik (Russia), Peter Wallensten, Professor at the Department for Peace and Conflicts at Uppsala University (Sweden), Per Nilsson, philosopher (Sweden).
Video documentation: Anders Rönnlund
Photo documentation: Gunnar H Stening

Friction 2014 will highlight how performance art has grown out of conflict and war in Europe since World War II. Performance artists have continued to work underground, managing to keep out of the reach of the political oppression of authorities in many areas such as Poland, Belarus, and many countries in the Balkans. Artists find new ways to communicate with their public when the structure supporting performance spaces, galleries and concert halls collapses in times of conflict. The new Europe needed a new type of art to reflect its own age, and in response, performance art became the aggressive penniless outsider that always told the truth. It had nothing to lose.

The first biennial Frictions International Performance Festival was held in Uppsala in 2006, in close collaboration between Uppsala Art Museum and the association Mon no Kai as well as many international performance artists. SU-EN, an internationally active choreographer based in Uppsala, is curator of the festival and invites many international and Sweden-based artists to produce their own repertoire and new work.


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