PALS - International Performance Art Festival, Stockholm, Sweden

Friday, 20 April, 2012
Fylkingen, Stockholm
PALS - International Performance Art Festival Stockholm Sweden


18-20 April 2012 Workshop (Note: startup evening 17 April )

Location: Fylkingen

18 April 2012 19:30 Festival pre-Opening with talks/lectures and discussions (Ileana Pintilie (Romania), Aapo Kustaa Korkeaoja (Finland), Johannes Blomqvist (Sweden), Agnes Nedregard (Norway), Elin Wikström (Sweden), PAS: BBB Johannes Deimling, Marcel Sparmann(Germany), Chuyia Chia (Singapore/Sweden, Göteborg ) and festival organizers

20-22 April 2012 Performance festival

Location: Daytime at Sergels square. Evening time at Fylkingen

22 April 2012 - "The Performance Art guide to ordinary life" – an all day long series of performances taking you through a daily routine

Location: Fylkingen and nearby area


Premiere for a brand new performance art festival in Stockholm! The 20th to 22nd of April Fylkingen has the great pleasure of inviting you to PALS, a brand new festival for performance art in Stockholm! The core of performance art is to be found in its presence in the now, in the unique meeting between the artist and her audience. During three days we show works by internationally renowned performance artists -live, here, and now from: Japan, Canada, Germany, Poland, Rumania, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belarus, Finland, Norway and Sweden. During the festival startup week we are holding a workshop where a number of experienced artists work together with art students from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and USA. The students will together with the other festival participants during the Sunday participate in the concluding part of the festival : "A Performance art guide to ordinary life". Welcome! Free entrance!

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