‘Playing in the rice fields’

Pattani, Thailand, 2016.

‘Playing in the rice fields’ While artist in residence at Pattani Contemporary Art Gallery I worked with local women to develop a performance in the nearby rice field. There was no common verbal language, so through drawing and gesture, we worked out how to develop an art piece together in the field, using coloured silk clothes we began testing the limits of the material forming new collective actions.

Performed over 1 hour.

Sinéad’s project was supported by Asiatopia Foundation, Thailand, Patani Artspace and Patani Contemporary Art Gallery, Pattani, Thailand, Arts & Disability Forum Belfast, Northern Ireland, iDA individual Disabled Award, Northern Ireland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Sinéad O’Donnell, ‘ Playing in the rice fields’, Patani contemporary art space, Thailand, 2016. Video : Vasan Sitthiket.