Sinéad O’Donnell, ‘Violent’

Open Space Gallery, Victoria, B.C, Canada, 2010.

Violent has been performed, commissioned, or invited at: Open Space Gallery, Victoria B.C, Canada,(CHAOS), 2010; National Review of Live Art, U.K, (PAVES), 2010; FADO, Toronto, Canada, 2010; Grace Exhibition Space, New York, FADO, Toronto, Canada, 2011; Performance Space, (Thrashing Performance) Hackney, London, U.K, 2012; PALS (Performance art links), Stockholm, Sweden, 2012; In Between Time Festival, Bristol, U.K, 2013; Beyond/Blackmarket, Elmwood Hall, Belfast, 2013; Asiatopia Performance Art Festival, Korat, Thailand, 2013.

This piece was prepared with a stack of 220 white dinner plates. At times the quantity of the plates varied because of availability in different cultures. I aligned the height of the plates with my body height and for a period of one hour, I held the stack of plates up. Over time the plates crack, slip, move, break and finally they crash to the floor. The trace of the performance is exhibited afterwards with the fragmented plates resulting in a sculptural form. In moments of the performance time and action fluctuates as an energy, swaying, moving, stilling, reading, speaking quietly in comparison to its physical presence and force.

Read Mark Leahy text ( IBT13: In Between Time at Arnolfini, Bristol 17 February 2013)

Sinéad O’Donnell, ‘Violent’, Open Space Gallery, Victoria B.C, Canada,(CHAOS), 2010.
Video – Grace Salez
Main Photo shot – Open Space Gallery. 

Smaller image: Sinéad O’Donnell, ‘Violent’, PALS, Performance Art Links Festival, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012.